Support Small Crafters and Vote for Change

If you read a lot of crafty blogs you probably know about the new rules set to go into effect February 10 that could potentially shut down a lot of small handmade toy companies. If you don’t, the basics are that new consumer product safety rules are set to require lead testing of all prodcucts intended for use by children.

This is a time where a law was written too broadly and the unintented consequences weren’t thought of. It’s meant to keep big toy manufacturers from using lead in their products, in the hope of preventing the huge recalls we saw a couple of years ago.

But small toy makers don’t have the funds to get lead testing for all of their products. They’re not using lead now, they’re not trying to hide, they just want to be able to stay in business providing great toys for kids and families. (You can read more on the issue at CNN.)

If you’d like to see small toy makers stay in business, you can support them by following the latest news on the Buy Handmade blog, and sign up at today and vote to save handmade toys. (You can vote for other issues, too.) Today, January 15, is the last day for voting. The 10 ideas that get the most votes will be presented to the Obama administration at the National Press Club tomorrow.

Make your voice heard again and stand up for handmade!

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