On Lots of Needles

I’m trying to clean out my office and my stash lately. It’s a very slow process, especially considering it needs a lot of time and I seem to be only able to give it 10 or 15 minutes here and there. But I hope that before too long I’ll have a nice, organized office, with all the crafty things in their right places (and all the like things together) so that I’ll be able to work on some crafts besides knitting for a change.

One of the things I found in the work I’ve already done is this gorgeous skein of multi-colored yarn in the purple and blue range. I probably bought it two years ago from my local yarn shop, and I rolled it into a massive ball pretty quickly thereafter, but I never put it on the needles.

Now I’ve got the tiniest start of a wrap


It’s a simple pattern using yarn overs down the middle for increases. I really like the way the colors are looking so far, but I’ve got a long way to go (the skein was about 500 yards).

In other news I’m working on the second sock of a pair of simple ribbed socks:


which clearly also has some ways to go. But the one that’s knit is very stretchy and comfy, so I’m inspired to get it done soon. This is Lion Brand Sock Ease, by the way. The pattern should be up at About tomorrow.

Projects I want to get started soon include making some kind of blanket with the swatches left over from my felting book (not to mention doing something with swatches I’ve made for About) and this brown top knit with a baby alpaca yarn I’ve been thinking about forever. But those are for another day. Hopefully another day soon. But after more of the cleaning is done.

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