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I read at least one knitting book just about every week (more in February, when I published a knitting book review every day at About), and that doesn’t leave me a lot of time for other crafty books, just like all the knitting I do doesn’t leave a lot of time for other crafty projects.

So I’m starting to build up a pretty substantial to read pile including crafty books that don’t have much or anything to do with knitting.


This pile got substantially larger yesterday with the addition of the book at the bottom of that stack, Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts. This book is stunning in terms of its size and scope, though it doesn’t contain the yarny arts (unless you count pom-pom animals), which will get their own book next year.

I’m got to tell you, looking through this book made me a little giddy. Handmade cards! Candles! Soap! Painting on glass and china! The book makes it all look so beautiful I want to make it all.

I promise a more thorough review when I’ve actually had a chance to read it, but if you’re a crafter whose always looking for new ways to express yourself (and who loves the Martha way) you’re going to want to pick this one up.

As for the rest of my to read pile? I hope it will diminish soon, and I’ll be sharing those books with you as I get to them as well.

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