Sometimes Good Things Come in Big Packages

I have a horrible weakness for yarn sales. I could not really need anything (though of course need is always relative when it comes to yarn), but if I know my local yarn store or a favorite online yarn shop is having a sale, I’ll come up with a bunch of things I suddenly have to have.

So it was last week when I finally succumbed to the WEBS 35th anniversary sale. I love WEBS. I wish I lived closer to WEBS. My husband, on the other hand, does not, because I do enough damage without seeing the yarn in person.

Anyway, my order arrived yesterday:


and because it’s a beautiful day today the box got to go outside for pictures.

I think you can see at least a little bit of most of what I chose, but if not, there’s Cascade 220 and 220 superwash (for various felting projects and a baby blanket — I bought green superwash to go with some blue I already had), Berroco Love It (for the dragon in Nicky Epstein’s Knitting on Top of the World (which actually called for Comfort, I think) and Peruvia (because I suddenly need a Tilted Duster), Nashua Handknits Ecologie Cotton (is supposed to be for a sweater but it sure doesn’t look like enough), Fiesta Baby Boom (some kind of baby project) and Plymouth Boku (for some kind of felting project).

It makes me tired just writing about it, but there’s nothing like a new bunch of yarn you have projects in mind for to make you want to get some things off the needles.

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