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I have been a blogger for a long time, but I’m still pretty new to the crafting blog world (as evidenced by the fact that as many of the posts on this site are about reading as they are about crafting). But I really hope to make this one of those craft blogs that people are interested in and that provides good value to readers, as well as a glimpse into my crazy, crafty life.

Though I’m pretty familiar with the basics of what I need to do in order to make this blog a success, I have been slow implementing them, for a multitude of reasons. So I thought I’d pick up a copy of Sister Diane‘s Making a Great Blog: A Guide for Creative People in the hope that it would kick my butt a bit about this whole blogging business.

It’s a quick read (at 49 pages you can complete it in an afternoon if you want) and provides a nice overview of how to start a crafty blog, determining what you want to write about, figuring out how often to write and deciding how personal you want to get in revealing information about your life on your blog.

There’s also great information specific to crafty blogs, such as a chapter on photography and other visual elements that are so important to sites like this.

The ebook is very easy to read and encouraging, making you feel like it’s possible to have a crafty blog and be a success at it.

Though I will say a lot of this information wasn’t new to me, having been a blogger on various sites for several years, it would be a good introduction for a new blogger and provides a good refresher on a lot of issues for people who might have blogged on other subjects but haven’t yet tackled the special beast that is a craft blog.

I particularly enjoyed and will certainly benefit from the advice to brainstorm on both general topics and more specific subjects you want to blog about — as well as things you don’t want to mention — in order to have ideas available when you don’t feel like writing or have anything new you want to write about. So far with this blog if I haven’t wanted to write or didn’t have a great idea I just haven’t written, which doesn’t make for a very regular experience for my readers.

Also, my vision for the blog was nothing more than “things I can’t write about on About,” meaning personal knitting projects and other crafts, reading and other hobbies. But I never got really specific on whether I wanted it to be more personal, “here’s what I’m doing today” sort of stuff or tutorials, book reviews and so on. I kind of want all of that, but just haven’t gotten it gelled in my mind or on the screen just yet.

Hopefully with the inspiration provided by this book it will get better. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start or improve their creative blog (it’s not necessarily advice just for crafters) and who is ready to take the steps needed to make their site better.

Future ebooks will include more information on blog promotion and more complicated issues of crafty blogging. I look forward to these and am sure all three books will help a lot of crafter and other creative types take their blogs to a better level.

If you’re interested in checking out Making a Great blog, Sister Diane has a giveaway going on her blog right now. Go forth and blog creatively!

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