The Other Night I Had the Strangest Dream

I don’t remember now what night it was, but I had a dream that Rachael Ray was doing a yarn show. Like Martha’s yarn show, but cooler.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was there, as was Franklin Habit and Guido, or at least his sheep. I’m sure there were other great and good crafty folk there, too, but I can’t remember who they were now.

At any rate, there was going to be a big show, and I was there because they were going to give my home office a makeover. That was the real dream of the thing, because I wish someone could just come in and fix things so that it would be clean and beautiful and organized in here and I either wouldn’t have to think about it at all or there would be so expert-type person forcing me to think about it so I would get the work I already know needs to be done accomplished.

But so far there is no magic person, just good old procrastinating Sarah. About once a week I start trying to make it better, and then I abandon the project for real work and it never looks like I actually did anything. I have this great plan, I just need at least an afternoon or a day to pull it off. And I’ve so far been unwilling to take a day off from work or other fun stuff to get it done.

I hope that will change soon, because it’s really driving me crazy, as you can tell from it infiltrating my dreams.

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