Getting My Priorities Straight

Now that I’m thinking hard about baby crafting (knitting and sewing) it’s becoming difficult to decide exactly what I should be working on first.

Soon after I found out I was pregnant I started on the scarf shawl from Marie Connoly’s The Expectant Knitter, which is now finally almost finished (it’s like 6 feet of ribbing, it takes a while!). I want to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket, of course, but I think the yarn I originally picked to use is too bulky and stiff at the gauge called for in the pattern (all links in this article will be to Ravelry).

I have the yarn for Marie’s First Party Dress and a little shrug that can go with it. I really want to knit up some baby pants and sweaters (the wee one will be her in October, after all), and I have a baby blanket pattern on the website that I only knit aobut half of when I wrote the pattern that I’d like to be able to finish up.

There are tons of toys I want to knit (and I actually did just knit a block, which will be on About next week). We must have a Celestine, and I’m loving the crab from the new Knitty (OK, I lied about all the links being to Rav).

And when it comes to sewing, I want to make just about everything in Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby and Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones. (I may even try my hand at Lotta’s bloomers today, if I make it to the machine).

Of course clothing and utilitarian stuff is more important in the very beginning, but I’m hesitant to knit too much truly baby-sized stuff not knowing how big this little one is going to be at birth or how fast she’ll grow. Most of the baby books say not to buy a lot of stuff in the smallest sizes and to focus on size 6 month and up sizes instead, since baby will probably grow into those a lot faster than six months. (And there’s always the option of decorating onesies, which I plan to do, too.)

But I so love the idea of knitting tiny baby things, and having a baby coming home from the hospital in a hand knit outfit. So there will have to be at least a little baby-sized knitting going on. It would probably be a good rule not to knit anything too complicated or with yarn that’s too expensive (or at least not that I’m going to consider so precious I wouldn’t unravel it and use the yarn again).

I’d love to hear from any of you who have crafted for babies: how did you decide what and how much to knit/sew/etc. in different sizes? What do you wish you’d had more of (crafted or not) and what did you end up with too much of?

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