Knitting in Public

Over the weekend my local yarn shop hosted a knit out at the Farmer’s Market as part of World Wide Knitting in Public Day. I was a little late getting there, and there wasn’t a huge crowd (maybe a dozen knitters at its most busy) but it was nice to see a little bit of the local fiber contingent out in force.

It was plenty hot but we managed to find a bit of shade. There were people working on all sorts of projects from tops to socks:

kip1 Christmas ornaments to bits of what will be the World’s Longest Scarf. There was even someone getting a knitting lesson (who asked me not to use the picture in the paper, so here you go, it’s not in the paper):

kip2 Even though I was only there about an hour, it was a lot of fun. I hope this will get me in the spirit to go to more knitting activities (there are two weekly sit and knit options where I live) and mingle with the fiber folk.

As for me, I was working on a totally simple Garter Stitch skinny scarf because this week at About is all about teaching kids to knit. Plus it was small, easy to work on without really looking and not too hot to knit on outside in the blazing midday heat.

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