Diving for Treasures

Part of my quest to get the house a little more ready for a little one (I won’t pretend I’m going to get everything done I once hoped I’d be able to do before she got here, since that list basically included cleaning and reorganizing the whole house) is clearing out the closets and making room for some of the stuff that got displaced from what used to be an office and is soon to be home to our little one.

Our hall closet is a treasure trove of stuff that probably should be stored elsewhere, from a wooden cradle and a bunch of toys I had when I was a kid (they’ll get a new home in the baby space) to boxes of fabric, crafty stuff and other things that haven’t been looked at in years.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve taken a look in three boxes, one of which had some memory-type things (4-H trophies, nametags from every convention I went to in high school, my photo IDs from the college newspaper and the Daily Oklahoman, where I worked one summer, the sash indicating my graduation with honors from college) and the other two of which were filled with fabric.

There were a lot of great scores in there, including a bunch of fabric that hadn’t been cut since it arrived in my house. There was a great collection of flannel:

flannel which could be good for little-person pants, or baby wipes, or a little quilt.

There were a ton of scraps:

scraps in red, white and blue, from a quilt I made when a buddy from college had her first baby, which the magazine the pattern was in tells me was in 2002.

There were also a couple of almost finished dresses:

dresses that probably won’t fit me even after the baby weight is gone, but maybe I can use the fabric for something else.

And there was some really questionable stuff:

ironic-fabric I am not and have never been a fan of country crafty. I cannot for the life of me remember when or under what circumstances I might have purchased fabic with canning jars, stuff that looks like bandanna fabric and fabric with roosters on it. I can only hope I was doing it ironically. Now it’s going to Freecycle, whatever it’s original purpose.

These scraps and bigger bits of fabric have gotten me kind of excited. The scraps in particular I think might be useful for a project from the Lotta Jansdotter book I talked about in the last post. It’s little play pillows that are letters of the alphabet, which you can make just to spell the child’s name or make extras to play with.

They’re super cute, and I was thinking of at least doing the name part if not more using some of these scraps sewn up in crazy quilt style (I think the book uses felt, but this will work, too). I just have to make sure not to make them all red, white and blue.

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