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I don’t know exactly what’s come over me. it oculd be that I suddenly realized I’m going to have this baby in about 10 weeks and as it is baby has no place to sleep (well, there’s a crib with no mattress), almost nothing to wear, no diapers, towels or other supplies, and nothing but a couple of simple sewing projects that I’ve started for the wee one have actually been finished.

So this week, and probably all of this month, I’m trying to focus on finishing. It’s amazing how many projects I have sitting around that need just a tiny bit of work to call them finished. Like the crocheted block that just needs to be stuffed (really I need to sew a little block form to stuff and then put it in the block, so the stuffing doesn’t fall out, but still) or the super simple quilt that needs a tiny bit of hand sewing and some finishing work done.

There are bigger projects that need finishing, too. The one sweater I’ve knit needs its last sleeve knit, plus all the finishing work (and it’s in dire need of blocking). The nursing shawl that was the first baby related project I started on still needed a foot or more of knitting before I started working on it again yesterday after making it sit in a corner for a month or so.

And there was this baby blanket:

rib-baby I can’t even remember when I started this, but it was for the About site, and I only knit enough of it so I could estimate how long it would be using the amount of yarn that I had. Not having any girl babies in my or anyone else who I knew’s future, I set it aside.

It only took a couple of evenings of knitting to finish it up, which I finally did yesterday (thank goodness for bulky yarn and size 11 needles!).

It’s a 3×3 ribbing worked in Lion Brand Jiffy. That’s probably all you need to know, but there’s an actual pattern here.

Today I was planning to finish that block, but I may work more on the shawl, which I took to knitting this morning, so it may be dangerously close to done. I can’t wait to move that one to the finished column.

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