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It’s taken me months and months, not because I’m a slow knitter but because I bore easily.

But I’m very happy to report that I finally finished the big gray blob of ribbing I was working on, also known as the shawl scarf from The Expectant Knitter:


I can’t exactly say that this was a fun project, or that I’d knit it again. It’s many, many feet of ribbing. I’m sure I will love having it, particularly when my wee one is here and we’re nursing (it’s alpaca, so it will probably be a little warm to use much before she gets here, given that I’m almost never cold anymore).

And it is lovely, but you’ve really got to be prepared for the commitment of that much ribbing. It was good that I started this early because I put it aside for a month or more and was still able to finish it with time to spare.

I have one more finished project and one almost finished project (actual baby things!) to share as well; stay tuned for those tomorrow.

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