Finished Crocheted Object: The “Firstborn” Baby Blanket

Remember when I had my little rant about the value of handmade things? There was a picture in that post of some baby things I was working on, including a crocheted blanket. Now, I am by no means a professional-level crocheter; this is actually the biggest thing I’ve ever crocheted in my life. Still, I think that blankie turned out pretty well:

crochet baby blanket
Yes, it's not quite square. But it's still warm!

I fully intended to be able to offer a real pattern for this, but I wasn’t really keeping track of how much yarn I was using because it started out with some yarn from my stash that wasn’t in complete balls. I think, however, that I used about one ball of the green, two of the beige, three of the blue and four of the brown (the stripes repeat on the other side; the green stripe is the middle). I used Knit Picks Swish, which is a medium weight washable wool.

I think I used a size K hook to give the fabric more drape. The blue part is worked in single crochet, the beige in double crochet and the green and brown in half double crochet (my new favorite stitch!). And I think I chained about 120 stitches to start. See how much I wasn’t paying attention? Still, it’s pretty easy peasy, even without a real pattern.

Why “firstborn”? It’s really “first showered,” though the baby who is to be the recipient of this blanket has the earliest due date of all the babies who are expected soon, so he probably will be the first born as well.

Anyway, the mama-to-be loved it, and I hope the new little guy will, too. The same evening as the baby shower I came home and cast on for the next baby blanket, which is in a slip stitch pattern. I stole the idea from a blanket a baby was using at the library!

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