Things I Learned Last Week

An improperly wound bobbin can completely wreck your sewing machine’s tension, causing you to swear and fiddle with the tension much longer than would be necessary if you knew this to start with.

It’s possible to improperly wind a bobbin. I always thought that was a legend perpetuated by “how to sew” book writers.

You (or me, anyway, I don’t know about you) will always learn important but time-consuming lessons when you least have time to learn them. That doesn’t make them any less valuable.

Deadlines are awesome, magical things that make me get things done. But they have to be real deadlines, like a birthday party that needs banners

name banner
The first letter A for my daughter's birthday banner, one of two I finished the day before the party.

or a speaker who needs her thank-you gift.

knit heart
I make the speaker gifts for our local MOPS group. This is the one for September, made in about an hour and a half!

I’ll do anything to meet a real deadline, even if it means starting a project at 9:30 the night before it’s due.

Being crafty is really cool. Especially when people marvel at the stuff I can do. Especially when I know it wasn’t really that hard.

slip stitch baby blanket
I knit this blanket for an expecting mama friend in about two weeks. Whew!

I will really be glad when the present spate of brithday parties, baby showers and other events is over. I have plenty of things I want to craft for myself (and my own kid!), and this time I’m really going to.

What did you learn lately? 🙂

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