May the Craft Be With You

So, a week from Halloween seems, to me, like a totally reasonable time to start sewing my daughter’s Halloween costume. I’ve always wanted her to be Yoda for one of her Halloweens, mostly because of this adorable baby Yoda hat that I never made her when she was that little. For her first Halloween she was an 8-week-old preemie, and by her second she was way too big, so here we are at her third and, while she can’t protest too much, she’s getting a Yoda costume, so help me.

I picked out the fabric and the pattern a while ago. The pattern I’m using (McCall’s 6184, if you want to know) is really for a karate outfit, but it’ll work as a robe and pants on a wee one in this beige burlappy stuff I bought.

So far I’ve

  • given myself a blister cutting out fabric with sub-par scissors because I still haven’t found my good scissors even though we moved almost 10 months ago
  • spent way too much time trying to turn a tiny loop of fabric right side out before a brilliant Facebook friend suggested a different plan for the belt loops on the robe, which I might not even use
  • sewn this much of the robe:
yoda shirt toddler
Because haphazard floor shots are cool.

I would have sewn more but, for reasons that boggle the mind, I didn’t buy any notions when I bought the fabric and pattern (other than some thread that kind of matches) and I either don’t have or can’t find enough interfacing in my stash to do the facings. I also don’t have or can’t find in my stash the elastic I need for the pants, so I see a trip to Jo-Ann in my immediate future.

It may be my last trip there for a while. It’s nothing personal, Jo-Ann, I still love you. But we need to spend some time apart. More on that soon.

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