Merry, Merry

I like to buy myself Christmas presents, because I know most what I would like, right? This year I was kind of planning to hold off, what with my newfound efforts at consuming less and all, but then I happened upon a Black Friday sale on Amazon and picked up this little beauty:

My new Brother serger.

I’ve wanted a serger as long as I’ve known what a serger is, so I’m really excited. I know, I know, it’s another craft supply, but I’m hoping that it will help me sew more because it will be so quick and easy to do garments on it, once I figure out how to use it. And on the plus side, it uses regular thread, so I don’t have to go buy a bunch of cones (though I am itching for a trip to the fabric store for some elastic thread for various purposes, so stay tuned…).

So, anyone know how to use a serger?

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