Letting Go

It’s no news that I have a lot of crafty stuff. And as much as I’m trying not to buy more stuff (though I did go to Hobby Lobby today, only for art supplies for the girl and stuff for Christmas presents, I swear) and use the stuff I have and organize what’s left, I’m still kind of reluctant to just get rid of stuff.

I’m working hard on the knitting books. There are hundreds of knitting books. And two big boxes so far in the attic of books I need out of my house (anybody want some knitting books?). My plan as soon as I get a better scanner is to make digital copies of some stuff for inspiration and reference and clear off even more of my giant bookcase of knitting books.

But craft supplies are another matter. There’s very little I’m willing to just let go of. There are some things I’m planning to sell on Etsy, as soon as I get an Etsy store up, but for the most part I’m one of those never-know-when-you-might-need-it kind of crafters. Unless I just really don’t like a yarn or fabric I’m pretty sure (in my mind anyway) that I’ll get to using it eventually.

But then there’s stuff like this.

tangled yarn
It's worse in person.

This photo in no way does justice to the monstrosity that is this ball of yarn. Well, it used to be a ball, anyway. Or more accurately a skein. I think I originally was trying to knit two socks at a time with it, using each end of the ball at the same time, and it got messy. And then I abandoned the project, and somehow the yarn got all twisted around the handles of one of my knitting bags, to the point that I actually had to cut the yarn out of it because it was so tangled.

You’d think that would have been enough for me, but no. This tragedy of a yarn tsunami actually sat on my desk for a couple of weeks after I freed it from the knitting bag. I guess I reasoned if I looked at it long enough I’d get bored while sitting at my desk or something and start trying to figure out how to straighten it out.

Then one of the little auxiliary balls fell off the desk, rolled back amid the cables, and preceded to get all tangled up in them. That was the end of the story. I gathered that mess up and threw the thing away. And it actually felt pretty good.

Progress, right? Besides, had I ever straightened it out and knit something with that yarn, I probably would have hated it forever because of all the strain that yarn put me through. Better to just forget about it and move on to some yarn with a better attitude.

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