Pumpkin Patch Redo {Semi-Wordless Wednesday}

I’ve tried from time to time to do Wordless Wednesday on my blog at About (it’s been a long time) but I could never just post a picture and not talk about it a little bit.

Last week we recovered from our first failed visit to the pumpkin patch by visiting on a day that was pretty much the opposite of that first one. It was warm — hot, even, when we first got there — sunny and a pretty typical early fall in Arkansas type day.

There was more climbing on hay.
And jumping off of hay.
holding hands
We went into the corn maze, but she didn’t like it. She escorted me out by the hand. Aww…
There was more climbing on hay, and then we went to look at the animals. Still not sure why there are camels, goats, a yak and other creatures here, but it was fun.
big girl big sky
My big girl with the big sky.
picking a pumpkin
This is not the pumpkin that came home with us, but it sure was pretty!
There was a goat wandering the pumpkin patch, and the Bit could not resist petting him.
Then we took a tractor ride to the cow field and fed tortillas to the cows and chickens. The Bit was not into it, but the rest of the ride was fun.
What home looks like.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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