Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Remains of the Chalk Paint

I can’t really do Wordless Wednesday, because words are my life. And I can’t claim this will be an every week thing, because I’m a horrible planner. But this is pretty and I wanted to share. sidewalk chalk paint

Last night the Bit really wanted me to make some sidewalk chalk paint. It’s a simple mix of corn starch, water and food coloring that she loves to spill all over the sidewalk and squoosh around in.

We first made this stuff last July and used a whole box of corn starch through the rest of the summer. This summer we just cracked box no. 2.

We were also out of red food coloring so I brought out the neon colors, which I love.

After we dumped the paint on the sidewalk and she walked around in a bit, she went off to do other things for a few minutes. It mostly dried in the meantime.

Before we went inside (for a bath, thank goodness) she did this. It’s pretty flaky when it dries, so she scratched it up into a big pile. I kins of like it. I hope you do, too.

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