Frugal Family Linky for April 9

Welcome to another week of the Frugal Family Linky! We’re getting over a case of pink eye (eww) and had our first visit of the season to the farmers’ market this morning (yeah!) so life is hurrying on.

Last week I shared about our favorite upcycled craft supplies, so if you didn’t see that, check it out.

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There were some really great, fun posts this week, and a lot having to do with kids exploring creativity, which you know is my favorite.

This DIY Kid’s Jetpack almost makes me want to take up drinking soda so I can make one for the girl. A Cowboy’s Life made theirs with 2-liter soda bottles and a chip tube, as well as a battery-operated string of lights. So cool.

Next time we go out for pizza I may need to bring home a clean box so I can make a pizza box easel like the one from Munchkins and Moms. I’ve seen these before and they always look like such a great idea for making art outside without having to lug around a big easel.

And Rain or Shine Mama has great ideas for the perfect kid-friendly backyard that won’t really cost you anything. As long as you have dirt, bugs and natural things to play with, your kids are sure to love exploring and learning outdoors.

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