Frugal Family Linky for May 14

Hello and welcome again to the Frugal Family Linky! I’ve been thinking hard about some frugal projects, like making some new cloth napkins since the ones we have are getting pretty ragged, but so far thinking has not translated into doing.

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Do you have a lot of dandelions in your yard right now? This activity from Hands On As We Grow is a great way to get kids to pick dandelions and practice counting at the same time. And they’re running around outside, which also means you get to be outside during the most beautiful time of year. What could be better? (And when you’re done picking all the dandelions you can bring them inside and dye some yarn or fabric.)

Babies and toddlers love putting things into containers and taking them out again, and these games are great for motor skill development. Research Parent has an easy DIY for a ball can that kids can use to drop balls in, dump out and fill again and again. You probably have everything you need for it in the house already.

One great way to be frugal is to clip coupons, but I have to admit I almost never do it, and without fail I forget my coupons when I go shopping if I do happen to have them. So I appreciate these ideas for saving money without coupons from Keeping Life Sane. I need to get a lot better about shopping my pantry.

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