Frugal Family Linky November Roundup

Hi there frugal linkers! We’re taking December off from the linky and I don’t know what if anything is going to happen with it in the new year, but I wanted to thank everyone who has participated in the past and to share some of my favorite posts from last month in the meantime.

This Month’s Featured Posts frugal family linky

This time of year I think we’re all looking for ways to get organized, and one of the easiest and cheapest things we can use to get more organized is probably already in our house: cereal boxes. One Crazy House has a great roundup of 15 ways to use cereal boxes for organization, and I definitely think my family needs to be eating more cereal!

Even though we have unsubscribed to a lot of things, we still get a fair number of magazines. We recycle them when we’re done, but it’s fun to find crafty purposes for some of them, too, like these bows made from strips of magazine pages from Life at 139A. So pretty and fun.

This is the time of year we always need a gift to take to a party or for someone at the office or a teacher or whoever. Georgie Lee has a great quick, easy and useful turkey chili gift basket (It could be for any kind of chili, really) that includes chili and biscuit mix, perfect for times when you need a quick meal. You could also do this with soup mix, muffins and pancakes, or lots of other things for different recipients.

Even though we don’t have a formal linky this month, I’d love to know what money saving ideas you have for this time of year. I’m using what I have to make some gifts and just trying not to go crazy on events and things this year, which makes the time we spend together as a family that much nicer.

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