Make Something Using Your Favorite Color

Since this week has been all about you and your favorite things, I thought it would make sense today to make something using your favorite color.

Mine is green, and I decided I wanted to paint something. Use your favorite color to create something today.

I happened to have this big blocky square canvas I bought somewhere on clearance a long time ago, so I grabbed a couple of tubes of green paint (Americana Festive Green and Bluegrass Green, to be precise) and did some super simple painting. blank canvas

First I used a brush to cover the surface with the Festive Green and let it dry.

Then I used Bluegrass Green and a credit card to add texture to the next layer, which pretty much covered the first.

After that dried I dripped some dots with Festive Green. painting steps

I used a finger to paint the spiral connecting the dots.

I don’t think it’s done yet; I probably will add some purple or orange or paint over the spiral altogether. Not sure yet.

But still, it was fun to see what I could do with just one color, and I’m glad to have used a canvas that had been sitting unused for far too long.

What’s your favorite color? You don’t have to paint with it; you could knit something in that color or color in a coloring page using only shades of that color, grab some playdough in that color and make a sculpture, whatever you want.

If you try this one I’d love to see your finished creations! Tag them online with #ourdailycraft.

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