Crafty Blogger Links, Week 18

It’s kind of a quiet week among my crafty blogger friends, but we’ve still got some great inspiration for Mother’s Day and beyond. Check it out. crafty blogger links week 18

Dress Card for Mother’s Day

If you have or know a model mom who does her very best for her kids and sets an example you admire, tell her with a “priceless” dress card like this.

Make Bulky Yarn Out of Medium Weight Yarn

Using worsted weight yarn and a spool knitter, you can make bulky yarn that you can then knit with. A great stash buster!

Wire Headpins How-To

Learn how to make these easy wire headpins that have three wire loops on the end.

Beading Arts

Do you know how to stitch the Dutch spiral? It’s really not too hard…

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!

Jean reviews Quick & Easy Stitched Jewelry, 20+ Projects to Make, by Cathy Jakicic–it’s wonderful!

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