Fun Ways to Decorate Pumpkins for Halloween

Here in the south, it’s folly to try to carve or decorate your pumpkins too early in the season. The girl and I went to a pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago, and all the pumpkins were already rotten, which should tell you something about the weather we’ve been having (it’s not fall). Fun and easy ways to decorate pumpkins for Halloween.

Now that we’re getting pretty close to Halloween, it’s finally time to start thinking about getting our pumpkins and decorating them for the season. Of course you can also grab foam or otherwise artificial pumpkins to make a display that will last for years.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins Review

If you need some ideas for how to decorate pumpkins beyond the basic, traditional carving, check out (affiliate link) Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins from Leisure Arts. Available as a paperback or an instant download ebook, it’s full of great ideas for gussying up your pumpkins. Fun and easy ways to decorate pumpkins for Halloween.

The projects in the book call for artificial pumpkins, which are painted, jeweled, carved and covered in various ways. You could easily use real pumpkins for the same projects.

Some examples:

  • painting with chalkboard paint and drawing and pasting on spooky images
  • covering a pumpkin with lace tights
  • adding a monogram
  • painting and sticking on jewels or other embellishments (as seen on the cover)

This book has a lot of fun ideas (11 in all) that are sure to inspire you to up your pumpkin decorating game this year.

More Easy Options to Decorate Pumpkins Fun and easy ways to decorate pumpkins for Halloween.

A few years ago I shared some easy embellishments for pumpkins at my friend Gina’s blog. I used fake pumpkins, too, and there’s no reason no to because you’re completely covering the pumpkin.

One of those was a newspaper-wrapped pumpkin that the girl later painted with homemade paint. It’s a lot cuter than the original, I must say. There’s usually always a painted real pumpkin involved; she already painted hers this year.

One of the ideas in the book is a fairy garden using a fake pumpkin that you carve (you could also do it with a real pumpkin). But I found this year that there are foam diorama pumpkins you can use to make an easy Halloween fairy garden.

I’ve shared a few fun no-carve pumpkin ideas in the Creatively Crafty link parties the past couple of weeks: the oxidized patina painted pumpkin and the paranoid pumpkin.

While it’s not a real pumpkin we have loved playing with foam jack o’ lantern cutouts, and you could definitely do this on a real pumpkin, too.

And if you still want to carve a pumpkin, check out my review of the Pumpkin Masters carving tools and templates. They really do make it easier!

How do you like to decorate pumpkins for Halloween, and when do you do it? I’d love to hear your ideas.




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