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I consider myself a relatively crafty person. I basically knit for a living, and I like to bake, cook, sew (though I’m not very good at it), make candles and do other crafty things.

Writing for gives me a lot of space to write about knitting, but I feel like I have other crafty things to share that just don’t fit on that site. And I’ve had this domain for a couple of years and have never really felt like it was meeting its potential.

So now it’s Crafterrific, an ode to all things crafty in my life. They’ll probably also be talk about books, cats, my amazingly wonderful husband, and other things that some up from time to time.

Yesterday I found a link to Creative Every Day, a challenge that asks participants to create something on a daily basis throughout the year. The idea is to foster community among crafty folks and encourage making stuff as part of everyday life.

Each month has a theme (this month’s is play), which can be incorporated or not into the projects that are done each day. I cna’t say for certain that I’ve done something creative every day so far this year (though I think I’ve knit every day except yesterday, when I had a headache) I’ve started two new blogs (this one and ecoish) and showed off a bit of creativity in the kitchen.

Today I’m thinking about making vegetable stock and maybe a lunch-sized portion of soup (but I have to go to the store first so the soup probably won’t really happen until tomrrow) and I have some knitting to do, but it’s not all that “creative.” There’s another post in here somewhere about what creativity is, which maybe I’ll get to later this week.

I think this process will be a lot of fun, being mindful of creating something, and having fun with it, every day.

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