What’s on My Needles Wedensday


One of the things I love about knitting blogs is when the authors share the projects they are working on. Even though my About site contains a blog, I’ve never really been able to share works in progress because they don’t relate directly to other parts of the site.

So I thought over here I’d start a “what’s on my needles” Wednesday post as a way to show off what I’m working on and hopefully keep myself productive enough that I’m not showing the same projects over and over every week.

This week’s is not too exciting to look at yet. It’s a basic roll-brim stockinette stitch hat for a little friend’s third birthday. It’s not going to be so basic looking when it’s done, though, because it’s going to have bunny ears and a little bunny face on the front.

It should be really cute. It has to be done for her birthday party on Saturday. I think I’m about 5 inches in; haven’t yet decided how long to make it to account for the rolling. But I knit all of that last night, mostly while watching a basketball game (go Hogs!) so I’m not too worried about the deadline.

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