Clearly, I Have a Problem

One of my resolutions for this year, in addition to just being craftier all around, is to really for real learn how to sew well. I have this awesome sewing machine my wonderful husband bought me a few years ago, and I’ve barely used it at all. When I use it, I’m embarassed at how bad I am when it comes to even the simple things, like sewing a straight line.

That doesn’t mean I don’t try, though. I even allowed one of my patterns, a roll-up knitting needle case, to see the light of day (in thankfully not incredibly detailed pictures).

In the hope of inspiring myself on my stitching journey, I keep buying sewing books. I got myself Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter for Christmas. It’s full of 24 super cute and easy projects for things like placemats, napkins, tote bags, pillowcases and various organizers. (I really want one of her all day totes, never mind that I’m never gone from the house all day.)

I also have Interweave’s gorgeous Stitch magazine, and want to make just about everything in it. Despite both these publications having been in my house a month or so, I haven’t crafted anything on the machine since that needle case.

But today I fell down again and bought another sewing book, One-Piece Wearables by Sheila Brennan. This one has 25 patterns, including a super-cute halter top I don’t like my stomach enough to wear, simple dresses, skirts, bags, tunics and tops. The really cool part, as the name implies, is that they’re all made from just one pattern piece. So that should be good for me.

Now if only I could get the motivation and the time to actually sew something, I’d be all set.

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