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armwarmers Actually, there’s not really anything on my needles right now. Of course that’s not completely true, there are plenty of things on my needles in the land of unfinished projects, but the project I’m actually working on (PolarKnit fleece mittens) is still in the gauge swatch phase, and that’s not very interesting to look at.

So instead I offer these, just off the needles yesterday. It’s a set of armwarmers (yes, I have really skinny arms) knit from Ozark Handspun in the Quatrefoil Eyelet pattern. I like that the eyelets add interest and ventilation, and the yarn is just lovely, fuzzy and warm.

The pattern for these should be up at About tomorrow. Don’t think I’m actually going to get to it today.

The bunny hat got done in time and was well received (though the recipient really wanted to wear it with the face facing backward). The pattern is here if you want to see how it all turned out.

This week I’m hoping to get the mittens done (they shouldn’t take long; it’s a really bulky yarn) and maybe work on a window-sized draft holder. Or there’s this chocolate brown vest I’ve been wanting to make forever (really I want it to be a sweater but I’m not sure I have enough yarn) that I may start on instead. It shouldn’t take long and I’d really, really love to wear it soon.

In other yarn-related creativeness, I’ve got some yarns to review from the new Debrah Norville line by Premier Yarns. I didn’t even know she was a crafter until a few weeks ago. One of them’s a sock yarn so I’m excited to take that for a spin (though I should really finish the ribbed socks I already have on the needles — that will be a picture for another week).

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