What’s on My Needles (and Compost Box)

OK, so it’s not Wednesday anymore, which I’ll make up for by prodiving several pictures. I actually have two projects in progress right now, though one is basically done:

bootie This is a baby sock that needs to be grafted shut. The pattern will be published in this month’s issue of The Smart Knitter, along with tips on knitting for new humans.

Then there’s this:

heart-wip which is still percolating. I want to make a little heart-shaped bag/envelope that would be for putting valentine cards in, and I’m not yet sure this is it. This would be the bottom of the heart, and then the top would be shaped with two different balls of yarn. Make two, sew together, add a strap if you like and you’re ready to receive love notes. Or so the theory goes. We’ll see if it pans out.

Finally, this has nothing at all to do with knitting, but it is something I observed a few minutes ago and found it too cute not to share:

kitties-compost Those are my babies, Louis (on top) and Mr. Bean. That’s my compost box they’re guarding. No idea why; it’s warm everywhere today. But they’re my boys, and I love them, so I try not to question too much.

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