I’m Crafting, Really I Am

I have no good excuse for not updating; I’ve been lax on both the blogs since the ice storm. Funny what happens when you get out of your routine.


Anyway, I wanted to share the project that’s on my needles and doesn’t look like much of anything right now. That’s the base of Chthulu Dice Bag for my sweetie. I started knitting him one for Christmas, and we ended up giving it to someone else, so now I’m working on one for him for Valentine’s Day. Clearly I have a ways to go, but they knit up really fast.

That’s the chart of the cute little monsters as well.

In other crafty goodness, I’ve been meaning to get the sewing machine out for a while. Maybe I’ll get to that this weekend. I’ve been thinking about altering a T-shirt that I love and that’s in pretty good shape other than sweat stains.

I already cut off the sleeves and will in time be resewing the side seams so it’s a little more girly looking. Should be a fun little project for anticipating spring (which really feels like it’s coming along quickly, where I live. Here’s hoping it stays that way!).

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