Still on the Needles


This shawl is basically the only crafty thing I’ve been working on for the past week or so. I really hoped it would be done by now, but my goodness rows that are 250 stitches long take a long time to knit. I can only do two or three rows without needing a break, and it’s pretty darn boring work, too.

But I’m going to beat this one this week, I’m almost sure of it. There’s not a lot of yarn left. I’m really excited to have this done.

In other news I’m thinking about a project to do with the box full of knit swatches I have, as well as a washcloth with a textured clover on it as a St. Patrick’s Day craft.

And I’ve now got about 20 pounds of sample yarns from various companies to work up for yarn reviews, so I should really get cracking on those as well. Speaking of, if you’re a yarn or knitting notion maker and want to be featured on (indies are always welcome as well), let me know.

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