Boy Bear in a Basket

OK, this may not be a strictly crafty post. But this is as close to a personal blog as I have, and I couldn’t resist sharing a picture of my sweet little 20-pound baby kitty, Louis, and where he curled up this morning when I left the office (leaving a box of books in my chair because we’ve been having issues with him stealing my seat lately):

louis-basket I actually did make that blanket he’s sleeping on; it’s the easiest thing ever. You just need a yard each of two different fabrics and either a thin piece of batting or two yards of muslin that you can fold up. Stack the pieces with your muslin or batting on the bottom and your top and bottom pieces right sides together.

Sew around the edges, leaving a space of a few inches on one side so you can turn the thing right side out. When you turn it the right way round, you’ll have a piece with the right sides out and the batting material in the middle.

Fold in the edges of the fabric and sew the remaining bit of the seam by hand.

When you’re done you can machine sew some top stitching on of if you like (the cat blanket doesn’t have any, but I have another of these I’ve almost finished that is pieced that I plan to do a little extra stitching on, since it will be for people. I’ll show you that one when it’s done; it’s only been sitting almost finished in my office for, like, two years).

So there you go; a bit of craftiness after all.

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