Seeing Doubles

As promised, I’ve practiced my crochet every day for the past few days (I think it’s four days in a row so far, haven’t done any today) and I can definitely see some progress already. I took another swing at a half-double crochet cloth:

half-double2 and it came out a lot better, though I was losing width there at the very end again. I still need to be more consistent about actually counting my stitches as I go.

And I decided to rip out and try again on my double crochet swatch, which also came out better this time around:

double-crochet2 On the upside, at least it’s relatively square this time. But I did end up with holes on the edges because I’m not exactly sure what you’re supposed to do with the turning chain when you get back to it. But this will definitely function as a baby cloth of some sort, so I’m pretty happy with it.

For my next trick, I’m thinking about something like this baby block I recently did in knitting, which I’d probably do in single crochet since it will be filled, and may use different colors on instead of doing it solid throughout. Of course then I’ll have to learn how to pick up stitches, or I could work the last two sides seperately and then sew it all together. Not sure yet.

It’s been really fun to spend some time on a different craft, and I’m hoping that this will inspire me to keep going with different crafts that aren’t knitting, if not always every day, at least for some portion of my crafty time each week.

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