Crafting Progress

For two weeks in a row now I’ve managed a crafty afternoon on Fridays, mostly knitting and sewing, as well as a couple of hours knitting on Tuesday mornings with a group that meets at the local library. I hope to be able to keep these habits up at least until the wee one gets here, both because at least one of them gets me out of the house, and because I’m mostly using that time to work on baby things, not patterns for About.

With the help of both of these crafty times I finished the left front and am more than halfway done with the right front of my baby cardigan; I should get the sleeves done next week and may have a more interesting picture of it to share soon.

My sewing project for last week was a soft rattle project from the Lotta Jansdotter book I’ve been talking about.

rattle I had this fabric in my stash. I have no idea what I bought it for, but I love it. The ribbon was also in my stash, which was nice because I have only a teensy stash of ribbon.

You can make it just as a doll but I opted to put a bell in this one because I bought a bunch of bells for a knitting project last year and only needed, like, two of them, so at least I got to put one to use (I love that for this project I was one of those people who had everything on hand — that doesn’t happen very often!).

This was still a super simple project, but I’m starting to feel comfortable enough with the super simple that I might be willing to move on to slightly less simple soon. Which is good, because I wanted to make some little snuggler type things, and I think they’re a little more complex than cutting out two shapes and sewing them together.

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