Starting and Finishing

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Back when I said that this month was going to be about finishing, I intended to actually finish a few projects before I started anything new. But then I found a coupld oe super quick and easy projects that I just couldn’t resist.

First there was Zodiac, a pattern from Knitty back in 2007 for a basic cotton sleeping sack. It’s knit from Cotton Ease, which I just happened to have on hand. I started it on a Saturday and finished up the knitting the next Tuesday (which was last Tuesday). It still needs to have the zipper sewn in the bottom, two buttons sewn on and any duplicate stitch design I want to put on it worked in. Still not quite sure about that.

Anyway, here’s my almost finished Zodiac:

sleep-sack1I think I’ll be knitting more of these in the bigger sizes, and maybe also one in some wool for the winter. Quick, easy and it should be really useful as well. What could be better?

Casting about for another new project last Wednesday, I started the diaper cover pattern from The Expectant Knitter (Ravelry link). I used Mission Falls 1824 Wool and made the infant size (birth to six months) and it looks huge! It could certainly just be my imagination. And they can always be folded over for the first few months if need be.

diaper-cover1This one I finished Sunday, but the bulk of the knitting was done by Friday; I just stalled a bit on doing the leg ribbing. This was a pretty fun and easy project, and it comes in a good range of sizes so I may end up knitting more, but at this point I think I’m going to make one of a variety of different patterns and see which ones work out best in reality before knitting more.

In other finishing news, all the parts of my pink Debbie Bliss cardigan are finished, but I need to put it together and add the facings and whatnot. Should be ready for public consumption by the end of the week, I hope.

What’s the next thing to start? I’m thinking hard about a 5-Hour Baby Sweater (Ravelry link) and am hoping I have enough O-Wool in the stash to work with. Of course it’s blue, but both of her parents like blue a lot so she’ll just have to learn to live with that (or complain about it when she’s old enough to).

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