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The other day I mentioned on Twitter that I was looking for a technical editor to help me with some knitting patterns. I got a few questions that aren’t answerable in 140 characters, so I thought I’d make a full-blown post that will serve as a help wanted ad.

What’s a tech editor?

For those not in the fiber crafts business, you might not know that a tech editor is someone who looks over patterns, usually before they are published, to ensure that everything makes sense, no steps are left out of the instructions and that the math works out right.

In my case, I’m looking for someone in particular to help with the math part. I usually write my patterns as I’m knitting, so I have stitch counts and measurements for whatever size I knit, but I don’t know, say, how many stitches someone would need to cast on to make a size larger or smaller garment.

That’s where a tech editor can be a big help. These are people who know how to resize a pattern to standard sizes and ensure that the pattern as written will give the results that are expected.

Why I Need the Help

It’s a great idea to have all patterns tech edited to ensure that they make sense, but it’s particularly important when patterns cover multiple sizes to make sure that the math works on all the sizes.

I could do this myself, of course, but it’s really time consuming for me, and time is one thing I don’t really have right now. So I’m looking for someone who would be able to go over a few patterns already published at, as well as new patterns as they’re written, to add multiple size information and perform other tech editing duties.

The job doesn’t involve any actual knitting of garments, just dealing with the patterns. The workload could vary widely but would probably average out to one or two patterns a week that would need attention.


If this sounds like something you’re able to do, send me an e-mail (sewwriter @ gmail) and let me know your experience and your rates. Thanks for your interest!

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