It’s ‘Da Bomb

I know that part of the charm of yarnbombing is that it is often anonymous, but I’ve just got to share a bit of the fun of a bombing I just sort of participated in.

I say sort of because I wasn’t really involved at all until the very last minute. A local knitting group had taken on the task of decorating the town square for a monthly art event, and they’d been working on swatches for more than a month. Given the baby, I hadn’t made it to a meeting but I wanted to contribute something.

Still, we made it down to the wire and it was yesterday before I even knit anything.

The results went up this morning.

Here’s mine: yarnbomb-mine It’s the piece at the very bottom, which is made of three colors of Lion Brand Homespun, two strands held together, worked on size 15 needles. One stripe is Stockinette, one is Garter and one is Reverse Stockinette. And I sewed it on sideways because it fit the lamp post better that way.

Not to be outdone, here’s my mom’s contribution:

yarnbomb-mom Hers, too, is at the bottom. It’s a checkerboard pattern, and I think she knit it in Caron Simply Soft, but I couldn’t tell you for sure.

Anyway, if you happen to be in Northwest Arkansas, it’s worth a look in person. If not, check out all the yarny glory in my Flickr set.

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