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This doesn’t have much to do with crafts, but that’s OK. Do y’all know about It’s a site where you can sign up to host different parties related to various products — for example right now they’re looking for hosts for parties related to razors, home air fresheners and happy hour, to name a few.

If you’re selected (and more often than not, you’re not, because huge numbers of people apply) you get a free goodie pack from the sponsor and throw a party to share the loot with your friends. You aren’t selling anything and you don’t have to buy anything, you just get to share good stuff with people who are interested. They only ask that you take pictures (and videos if you want) and upload them to the site when you’re done.

I was recently selected to host a party for Clorox Green Works products, which is happening next week. I got my goodie box in the mail the other day:

It includes Burt’s Bees samples (they’re owned by Clorox now, which I had forgotten), compostable cleaning wipes, eco friendly laundry detergent, note cards from the Sierra Club, a reusable water bottle and some coupons from Lowe’s. Not a bad haul. My party is also a swap in honor of Earth Day; it will be fun to see what sort of stuff people bring.

If you like getting free stuff and throwing parties, check HouseParty out!

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