A Good Mail Week

Sometimes I love my job. Sometimes it’s tedious and horrible and I don’t get paid enough and there’s never enough time to do all the work I want or need to do and I feel miserable about the fact that there’s no way to ever get ahead of it no matter how hard I try.

And sometimes, something like this comes in the mail:

This is the press kit for the new Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller yarn, Washable Ewe, a 100 percent superwash wool yarn. This has to be the coolest press kit I’ve ever seen (and the one for the previous yarns in this line was pretty good). Because you can’t quite see it all in the photo, I’ll explain. There’s a full ball of the yarn, plus little sample balls of all the colors, which came in a plastic tub, along with two samples of Soak wool wash, a sample of liquid Downy, a thumb drive with press materials on it and four clothespins (still not completely sure about that one).

There’s also this super-cute tote bag complete with the Stitch Nation logo. Too cute! I’ll love using this for toting a project, or just getting groceries. It’s sure to turn heads.

Then the next day, this came in the mail:

This is the press kit for Vickie Howell’s new yarn, Sheep(ish) from Caron. Her kit is probably the second coolest press kit ever. This one has a sample ball, plus little lengths of each color artfully tied around an embroidery hoop. The ball came in a clear project bag with a removable sheep charm. There’s also a Stitch. Rock. Love. pin and press releases. This one has a thumb drive, too, with a video promoting the yarn.

I haven’t gotten to play with Washable Ewe yet, but Sheep(ish) is a fun one. Bright colors, an easy-care acrylic/wool blend, nice softness, just a bit of sparkle.

I’m expecting to publish my review of Washable Ewe mid-week, and my site will be part of the Sheep(ish) blog tour next Sunday, June 5. Fun!

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