Crazy Knitting, Or Knitting Like Crazy

Last week was not a good week for blogging. Or work. Or doing much of anything except knitting.

A friend of mine was coming in to town to visit her mom, who is having some health problems. I don’t know why I wanted to knit her a shawl, but I did. I asked the friend if I could, and what color her mom would like, and she said yes, and purple.

So here’s what I came up with:

eyelet wrap knitting
The Eyelet Wrap, all ready for gifting

It’s really basic, imperfect, a little messy in places. But it’s pretty in its way. I hope when the recipient uses it she feels the good wishes that went into it, even if I did knit the thing in record (for me, anyway) time (about 10 days). If you want to learn more the pattern is over at Knitting.

All that wrap knitting pretty well ruined my second big knitting project of the week. Those who are not knitters, and not sock knitters, will not understand the point of a gathering devoted exclusively to sock knitting, but there is one, and it was this past weekend in Portland. Some people who weren’t going and wanted to decided to try the amazing feat (feet?!) of knitting a pair of socks over the parts of four days the Sock Summit would be happening.

Some of them succeeded. I did not:

sock leg
My sad attempt at knitting socks in a weekend.

Mostly because I was wounded. I have repetitive motion problems, and that was a lot of knitting. My arms were going numb and whatnot. So I took some days off from knitting, and they happened to fall when I should have been knitting socks. Oh, well. It was worth it.

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