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Stampington & Company has always kind of amazed me. If you’ve never heard of this publisher of special interest (in some cases very special interest) crafty publications, go check it out. Now. C’mon, a publication devoted to Stuffies? Artful blogging? Green Crafting? Altered clothing? Yes, please.

create with me
Create with Me magazine from Stampington.

Every time I look at one of their magazines I’m inspired, even if it’s not a topic I’d usually be interested in. I bought a copy of Altered Couture once and suddenly had an overwhelming desired to paint and/or otherwise decorate all my jeans. I never did so, which is probably a good thing.

Anyway, their latest new publication that I found at JoAnn recently is Create With Me. It’s a magazine devoted to making art with kids. How cool is that?

I am actually going to have to keep the magazine around until my girl is old enough to do some of these projects with me, but there are things here I’d love to do myself, too, like the artist paper journals with decorated covers, the mixed-media cards (I’ve been really itching to do some mixed media lately) and the abstract painting.

When some of the kids get a little older I love the idea of making art kits to give them, and I’m sure I’ll want to embroider some of my girl’s drawings onto stuff when they actually start to look like things. There’s also a DIY cat-themed birthday party and tons of other inspiring projects for people to make with their kids.

I’m so in love with this magazine, I really want to write for it. I’m working on a piece based on the Father’s Day present we made for Nick this year (which I never shared, but will if it doesn’t make it into the magazine!)

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