The View from My Desk

Last year I had a wall calendar that hung right behind my computer monitor. I loved it because I could look up at any time and know what day it was, as well as what day it would be in the future if I was pre-writing posts or content for About. It took up a lot of real estate, but it was free, and knitting-related, so I used it.

I got no such free calendar this year. And it feels kind of silly to me to buy a calendar when you can print out calendar pages anyway. For the month of January I tried keeping a calendar on my desk in a three-ring binder with printouts for daily to-do lists. It didn’t work as well as my notebook, so for February, after doing some planning on my paper calendar, I decided to go ahead and hang it on the wall, because I keep looking up there to see what day it is, anyway.

Well, just having a plain piece of paper tacked to the wall isn’t very thrilling, so I decided to finally install an art wire.

art wire
Some of the girl's art on a wire above my desk, with calendar printout.

These can be fancy or dead simple like mine. It’s literally a piece of beading wire (26 gauge), two nails and a bunch of pretty randomly selected art hung up with mini clothespins. It took just a few minutes to do and allows me to have a bit of my girl’s art close when I’m working. I’ll try to change it out every month, like a calendar page.

The other thing I did recently was throw a bunch of old magazines in the recycling. I had a couple of magazine holders on my desk that are now empty, so I decided to turn them on their backs and put yarn in them. Right now they have some yarn I need to review (I have such a tough job!), on ball for a project I’m working on right now and a couple of hanks for a project I’m thinking about. It’s fun to have that added bit of color and pretty around and I hope it will be inspirational for me.

yarn storage magazine holders
My magazine holders turned yarn storage.

What’s your favorite part of your desk/work environment? I’d love to hear about it (plus any secrets you have for keeping your space neat; my office is the messiest place in our house!).

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