Crafty Blogger Links, Week 4

Crafty blogger links This week my crafty blogger friends are making necklaces, crafting with wine bottles, getting inspired by the colors of the year and more.

And if you didn’t already see my tutorial on making book pages with your sewing machine, it’s right there in the top link.

Make Book Pages with Your Sewing Machine

Did you know you can make signatures (a fancy book word for pages that are stuck together) using your sewing machine? It’s actually really easy.

Craft & Win

Show off your finished crafted objects in the monthly FOs Ravelry thread in the Crafty Princess group and get a chance to win.

Diffuser Necklace DIY

Terry Jeanette of Tappingflamingo shows you how to make your very own essential oil diffuser necklace.

4 Wine Bottle Crafts for the Thrifty Oenophile

Instead of throwing out your empty wine bottles, turn them into trendy decor accessories. Save those attractive corks and labels as well. What crafter doesn’t love free supplies?

Beading Arts

Cyndi’s landscape crazy quilt tutorial finishes up today!

Art Bead Scene

Take a peek at what the Art Bead Scene team has to offer in Pantone’s Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity!

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    This is really very informative article you have shared here. I read and got much pleasure.No, I didn’t know how to make a signature by using sewing machine. Thanks for your nice sharing.

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