Start 2020 with a Creative Challenge

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Lots of people are making a big deal out of 2020 being right around the corner. While the change to the decade doesn’t really mean anything (dates are arbitrary, after all) it still feels like a big deal. Why not start the new year and new decade with a new commitment to making through a creative challenge?

A Challenge for the New Decade

I decided I wanted to do something special to mark the new year, not because it’s a new decade but just because the turn of the calendar gives us a chance to make a new start on things.

Of course you could start on any day of the year, and I often feel like I do better making changes in life if I just start rather than waiting for a new week, month or year to do so.

But 2020 is such an evocative number that I knew I wanted to use it as the basis of a challenge.

2020 creative challenge

How the 20/20 Creative Challenge Works

The whole idea of the 20/20 creative challenge is right there in the name.

20 days.

Do something creative for (at least) 20 minutes.

That’s pretty much it.

While I feel like the idea that it takes 21 days to form a habit has been debunked, 20 days will give you a good jumpstart on a new habit of making every day.

Of course you could do this on your own, starting whenever you are reading this, but I wanted to make it a little more structured so I decided to offer a way to sign up for the challenge that would give you more support and inspiration.

Each day of the challenge you’ll receive a daily email with some thoughts on the importance of creativity in our daily lives, inspiration for projects you can try, ways to work creativity into your day and more.

You don’t have to be a crafter to join this project; any kind of creative work is allowed. You can work on something different every day or use the time to finally finish that sweater you’ve been knitting, that essay you’ve been struggling with or that painting you wanted to try.

There are really no rules other than 20 minutes for 20 days.

How Do I Sign up?

Just follow this link and enter your name and email and you’ll be all set. You’ll receive a confirmation email and another email before the challenge begins.

You’ll receive an email daily for 20 days, and probably a couple of wrap up emails after that.

Joining the Creative Challenge without the Emails

If you’re not an email type of person, I’ll still be talking about the challenge here on the blog (and on Instagram), but it might not be a daily thing. And of course you can do it completely on your own, starting whenever you read this.

Would you like to share what you’re working on with the rest of us? Use the hashtag #2020creativechallenge.

What If I’m Reading this After Jan. 1?

I started a new email list for people who still want to start the challenge. You’ll get the welcome email the day you sign up and an email daily for 20 days after that (plus whatever wrapup stuff I send). You can sign up for that right here.

Any other questions? Hit me up in the comments.

I’m really excited about this simple, fun creative challenge to start the new year. I hope you’ll join me and share with other friends who might need a creative boost.

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  1. Dear Sarah
    wow what a briliant idea. I am a crafter who does crafting as a hobby so when i have work crafting takes a back seat. Compared to 2018 2019 was good but i would have loved it to be great. Can u believe that i have not even made one christmas card as yet. I am a journalist and a translator working online so come rain or sunshine i have to keep to my deadlines. I am planning to finish all my work today and start making Christmas cards and some gifts from tomorrow. I am going to sign up. May you and your family have a joyous Christmas and a super duper fantastic 2020 with Good health and happiness always.

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