20/21 Creativity Jumpstart

After the year most of us have had, we could use some time to focus on something we really want to do.

If making more time for creativity is on your list , the 20/21 Creativity Jumpstart can help you do it.

This ebook is a 21-day program that encourages you to bring making into your life, 20 minutes at a time. Brief daily readings inspire you to think about an aspect of creativity, and prompts offer suggestions for things to try if you don’t have any idea of what you want to make on a particular day.

The 40-page guide is full of advice and inspiration to get you started on a daily creative practice or to reconnect you with your creativity if it’s been a while since you did any making regularly.

20/21 Creativity Jumpstart cover

What Do You Get in the Jumpstart?

The 20/21 Creativity Jumpstart is a gentle challenge that will encourage and inspire you to start or rekindle a daily creative practice.

Each day for 21 days you will read a little bit about an aspect of the creative life — from making time for creativity to the importance of fear, the value of limitations and how to become an expert on anything — as well as a suggestion for further reading and an idea of something to make or try for that given day.

You can read the book in order, one entry per day, or skip around if you see a topic that particularly interests you.

In addition to the reading you’re encouraged to create for 20 minutes every day.


Who is the 20/21 Creativity Jumpstart For?

I think anyone can benefit from this process, whether you are new to creativity or a longtime proponent of making things.

Everyone is creative in different ways, you do not have to be “crafty” to benefit from this process.

Anyone who would like to make more, and more mindfully and regularly, can use this ebook as a tool to get them started.

Excerpt from 20/21 Creativity Jumpstart

Taking creative time for yourself is so important, as we’ve talked about the last few days, but sometimes it can be hard to get uninterrupted time to work on our projects. Most of us live with people or animals who might not always respect our desire to get creative work done. Especially in these times when more people in your household might be working or learning from home, you might not ever actually be “alone.”

And even when you are alone during creative time, the pull to check email, scroll Instagram or just look up one thing really quick on Google is strong.

Distraction is all around us and it is the enemy of creative thought. So what can we do?

Create with your family: if members of your household are up for it, initiate family creative time daily or weekly where you can all work on your own projects together.

Get up early or stay up late: I love sleep so I’ve never actually done this, but if all else fails, every time management book out there seems to recommend it, so maybe it’s worth a try.

Shut out distractions: if your household respects a closed door, work behind one. Bonus points if all devices that connect to the Internet are on the other side of the door, too.

Set a timer: I don’t want creative time to feel like just another thing on the to do list, but sometimes knowing your time is limited can help you focus on what you really want to get done. You don’t have to stop when the timer goes off.

Get Your Copy Today

The 20/21 Creativity Jumpstart is a great tool to use at the beginning of the year, or the beginning of the month, or any time you need a little extra help and support to remind you that creativity is an important aspect of your life that you want to stay connected to.

You can buy the book here .