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How to Declutter Your Craft Supplies

My most recent ebook is How to Declutter Your Craft Supplies, a nearly 50 pages guide to clearing out your supply stash.

It covers things like:

  • why getting rid of craft supplies can be so hard in the first place
  • visualizing your ideal creative space
  • devising your plan for going through your stash
  • tips for decluttering specific categories of supplies
  • what to do with the things you don’t want to keep
  • how to store what remains
  • how to keep you supply stash from getting out of control again.

The book is $10 and you can learn more here or buy now.

How to Set Creative Goals

Have trouble setting or reaching creative goals in your life? This quick guide to goal setting and goal reaching is particularly geared toward creative goals but it can help you with any goal you’re trying to reach.

It has a lot of details about how to refine your goal and different ways to go about planning how to achieve it.

It includes worksheets that will help you clearly define exactly what the goal is you are trying to reach and to outline all the steps you need to get there.

This guide is $5 and 20 pages long. Learn more here, or buy now.

Colorwork Knitting

colorwork knitting

My most recent knitting book was Colorwork Knitting, published in 2015. It includes the basics and beyond of five types of colorwork:

  • working with self-striping yarn
  • adding your own stripes
  • slip stitches
  • Fair Isle or stranded knitting
  • instaria

Each method is shown on five different projects for women — hats, mitts or gloves, scarves or cowls, sweaters and socks. It’s a great way to boost your knitting stills both in garments and colorwork techniques. Check out the patterns on Ravelry.

You can buy the book from Amazon or contact me (sarah and I can send you an autographed copy for $20 with free shipping!

Quick & Easy Baby Knits

quick and cozy baby knits

The idea for Quick & Easy Baby Knits came when several of my friends who have kids my daughter’s age got pregnant around the same time. Facing three baby showers in the span of a summer, and knowing that a store-bought gift won’t cut it when the recipient knows you’re a knitwear designer, I knew I had to do something faster than the norm.

I knew I wanted to do a baby book because lots of people start to knit or take it up again because there’s a new little one in their lives. The book has all the learn to knit instructions you need if you’re a novice or just haven’t picked up needles in a long time.

There are also 21 patterns for blankets, socks, sweaters, hats and more, using my Quick & Cozy techniques. Check out the projects on Ravelry.

Grab a copy from Amazon, or email me (sarah and I’ll send you an autographed copy for $15 and free shipping.

Felting Your Knitting


My first book was all about felting, which is a means of purposefully shrinking a knit garment to make a firmer, more durable fabric. You may have done it as an accident, but with this book’s help you’ll know how to gain a little control of the process, and you’ll find lots of great projects to felt, from scarves to bags, even a blanket.

You’ll also learn a little bit about felting sheets of wool, needle felting and what to do with that accidentally shrunken sweater.

Picture Yourself Felting Your Knitting is a complete education in felting for knitters of all skill levels. If you’re a new knitter and have never tried felting before, you’ll gain confidence by learning:

  • How and why felting works.
  • How to felt by hand and why you would want to.
  • How to felt by machine.
  • How to tell when your felting is done.
  • How to keep your felt the shape you want after it’s felted.
  • How to care for felts.
  • How to make patterns your own through embellishment.

All the techniques used in the book are fully explained so that even new knitters can pick this book up and begin working from it immediately. The projects build on each other, from the simple to the more complex and larger. Once you’ve worked through the book, you’ll not only be comfortable as a felter but you’ll be a much more experienced knitter, too.

Read the review from Craft Gossip. Buy on Amazon.

Books I’ve Contributed to

I was a contributor to several books in the kids learning activities space including ABCs and 123s, Make Your Mark, Up! and Learn with Play.