How to Set Creative Goals and Actually Make Them Happen

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Was this supposed to be the year you finally learned to sew, finished knitting that blanket, or took the time to write poetry every week?

How are those creative goals coming along?

Creativity is so important for our mental health and, frankly, just for being human. Having creative goals ensures we’ll make progress on those things we’ve always said we wanted to do.


If you didn’t set any creative goals yet, or you haven’t made progress so far, don’t worry. Goal setting does not have to happen at the beginning of the year, the beginning of the month, or even the beginning of the week.

You can take action on whatever creative goal you want to set for yourself right. now.

It starts with knowing how to set creative goals in a way that you can actually see your progress and know what you are working toward.

Whether you want to

  • learn how to crochet
  • finally finish that quilt
  • create a new painting every month
  • write that novel or nonfiction book
  • whatever is on your mind to do

you can achieve those things, and I can help you set out on the path to success.

My ebook is a quick read, just 20 pages, with printables that will help you focus your thinking and get you started toward your goal.

Beyond just telling you how to set good goals, I also offer tips on how to keep going toward your goals when things get hard or you get really busy. Because life happens, right?

But we don’t want life to happen so much that we miss out on doing the things we always wanted to do, or creating the things we always wanted to create, right?

How to Set Creative Goals will help motivate you and keep you on track. I’ve used these skills to meet goals big and small, from tackling my daily to-do list to writing three knitting books, two of which I wrote after my daughter was born.

The guide is $5, and it’s well worth it to get going, keep going and achieve those creative goals you’ve set out for yourself.

I truly believe that being creative is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and the world. Take the time to do this for yourself; you’ll be so glad you did!



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