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My name is Sarah and I think creativity is what makes us human.

I believe creativity — whether writing, making things, cooking dinner every night, role playing, whatever you’re into — is essential to a healthy, happy life, and I want everyone I know to have access to it.

I love to share tips about creativity for moms and other busy people, craft ideas for making things with and for kids, and advice on creating the life you’ve always wanted.

Away from the blog I’m a freelancer writer, editor, pro crafter, mom and wife living in Arkansas. I’ve written three books about knitting, contributed to books on kids activities, taught fiber arts to kids and much more.

As the About.com guide to Knitting for almost 10 years, I got to share my passion for needle arts with millions of people around the world. Today I have a smaller but still fantastic audience of passionate crafters for the sites I manage at Craft Gossip related to knitting, cross stitch and learning activities for kids.

Write a blog? I’d love to talk to you about guest posting.

Have a product or book you think would be a match for my readers? Let’s chat.

Check out my media kit and contact me at sarah @ sarahewhite . com for more information


There are ads on this site. I get money if you buy things through them. I’d love it if you wanted to support this blog in that way.

Sometimes I receive products or books to try out or review. When I haven’t purchased them myself, I’ll let you know. If I don’t say, I used my money on them.

Thanks for reading!


  1. `slip stitch ribbing worked across 22 stitches, and

    slightly stretched when blocked.

    Sarah E. White, licensed to About.com

    Do I have your permission to use this scarf pattern to sell

    scarves with it? Arlen Costaine double da

  2. Sarah,
    I will try to get the picture(s) out to you tonight or tomorrow. My low-fat granola doesn’t have much sugar in it at all. However, I do have a couple of others that I use. I will look those up for you.

  3. you are so talented. I had applied to write at about.com a while. I am def not good at crafting tho but I love to throw a good party. My mom would love your blog. She is a big time quilter.

  4. You asked about comments on arm knitting. I don’t particularly care for what the finished product looks like and I don’t like it just because it’s the “in” thing at the moment. I feel it’s just a ploy, albeit a very clever ploy, by some of the yarn companies to devise a way to use/buy more yarn. That’s just my opinion. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if others share it as well.

  5. So happy to find your blog! I’m always looking for ways to incorporate crafts into my life and with my little ones.

  6. Where can I find the brick-stitch instructions? Or can you please provide them? You have a photo here on your site using blue and orange yarn.

  7. Your 2012 post of a Jessica McClintock dress with tags on it you purchased for a $1 at a thrift store and repurposed the dress by cutting off the bottom and making a wrap. Well, I have that dress in an 11/12 and I worn it on a Raddison Seven Seas cruise in the early ’90’s and it was the talk of the evening. Was contemplating pulling out of the back of the closet for an Alaska cruise 🙂 Just thought I would share the age of your find.

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