Notions: Back-to-School Tips Edition

Great tips for storing school papers, helping kids deal with stress and more back-to-school tips.

The girl starts kindergarten on Thursday, and while I’m trying to be all cool about it because she’s been going to preschool since she was almost 2, I’M ABOUT TO HAVE A KINDERGARTENER and it feels like a big deal. I’ve written before about helping kids in school transitions, whether they’re starting school for the […]

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Notions: Summer STEM

Check out this great roundup of STEM activities for kids, for summer and beyond.

I don’t usually think of activities as being related to STEM, because we bring science, technology, math and engineering into our lives pretty naturally. The girl is a self-described “sciencey girl,” she loves space and building and math challenges. But while science comes up commonly in conversation around here, we don’t always specifically plan to […]

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