A Quick Tutu Trick

how to make a tutu

As I mentioned in my post yesterday about the Bit’s Halloween costume, I learned a new trick for making tutus that made the process of making this particularly tutu a little quicker and easier than it usually is. If you’ve on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen it, too, but just in case I wanted to share. […]

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Costume Crafting with Cookie’s Kids

butterfly costume

As a crafter, I love making my kid clothes, and making Halloween costumes is especially fun. Last year I spent several hours over a week or so making the Bit’s Yoda costume, which was quite cute even though the hat didn’t fit and she started screaming before we even got to the next-door neighbor’s door. […]

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Rainbow Pom-Pom Garlands!

pompom garland

The Bit had a three-year-birthday celebration that lasted a good three weeks (with three parties!), and we finally finished up with her big party with friends at Boingo Bounce, a local indoor place full of inflatables. She’d originally said she wanted a party at home with friends, which I was totally down with, but Boingo […]

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Rainbow Striped Skirt Tutorial

rainbow skirt

When I asked the Bit what sort of theme she wanted for her birthday, she said rainbows. I hadn’t bought her anything special to wear (the theme of her party last year was actually based on the dress I’d bought at Rhea Lana’s) so I decided it would be cute to make her a rainbow […]

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